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Evening Shadows

Evening Shadows 2018 Full Movie Download


1 hrs 42 mins

Release date: Dec, 2018

Language: Hindi

Category: Bollywood Movies

Genre: Drama,

Start Cast: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan,Mona Ambegaonkar,Devansh Doshi,

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About Movie

Under the Evening Shadows, truth often plays hide and seek. Set in South India and Mumbai, Evening Shadows is a tender heartwarming story about a mother-son bond that has to withstand the ravages of time, distance and truths.

People Review


perfect for movie 4 months ago

great initiative, great performances, superb direction.. waiting for 2nd part (sequel). we are lucky that we screened it before it's release.


A heartfelt watch of mother-son drama 4 months ago

A must watch for anyone who is starting to understand LGBT community. A full cinematic experience. It will definitely help parent, relative and friends of LGBT community to understand their loved ones in a better light.

dear user
dear user

Bips T 4 months ago

Amazing movie. Like a painting. Super duper performances. Fantastic direction. Start to finish very gripping. After interval very emotional.


A treat for the soul! 4 months ago

Evening shadows is an awesome story or coming out... A must watch! I was fortunate enough to see it in a theatre in Juhu. The film is brilliant. It had a lot to offer in terms of catering to alternative sensibilities, dealing with the complexities of relationships in Indian families and above all, honesty in the craft. However, one thing that stays behind, long after the screening is over, is Mona Ambegaonkar. The mother is such a layered character. I believe that the real challenge for an actor is to portray characters that seem so normal on the onset and yet are tremendously layered within. One has to retain the overall graph of subtleness and yet venture into the varying troughs and crests of it's psyche. I can only imagine the effort that has gone in to make Vasudha look so real , so endearing , so vulnerable yet so robust. Thank you, for another wonderful experience Mona & Sridhar


WONDERFUL 4 months ago

Very touching. A must watch for every human. Pure heartfelt performanceS from all the actors, Very well written and directed film. DON'T MISS. IT!