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BOXER The Fighter

BOXER The Fighter 2019 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Download In Bluray


Release date: 15 Mar, 2019

Language: Hindi

Category: South Dubbed movies

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About Movie

South Dubbed Full Boxer Full Movie Watch the most awaited South Dubbed Romantic Action Movie Boxer The Fighter Exclusively on Adwise Media Digital Star Cast Bharat Suhani Vinayak Sayaji Shinde Dandapani Brahmanandam Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao AVS MS Narayana Raghubabu Srinivasa Reddy Ali Jeeva Vizag Prasad Krishna Bhagawan Kovai Sarala Hema Delhi Rajeswari Mumait Khan Synopsis Tirupati Bharat is an orphan who is ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of a slum which brings him up He ekes out his living by selling film tickets in black market Keertana Suhani accidentally meets him at a theatre and they had an altercation there On one occasion Tirupati helps Narasimham Sayaji Shinde a CI from goons and the latter decide to use the intelligent Tirupati as a pawn to earn compliments from higher ups and pleads with to be his informer With the information given by Tirupati Narasimham catches anti-social elements and gets promotion as ACP So Narasimham throws a party to Tirupati and cleverly the latter records the entire conversation between them in a mobile phone He calls Tirupati as low-class youth After the party Narasimham challenges to win the love of a girl and dares that it is impossible Then Tirupati learns that Keertana is none other than Narasimham s daughter and agrees to the challenge Savaal Narasimham accepts to pay Rs 10 lakhs if he could win her heart Did Tirupati win the heart of Keertana What kind of tricks Narasimham play to thwart Tirupati s attempts Did Keertana married Tirupati How Tirupati teaches a lesson to Narasimham who called him a low-class youth Answers to all these questions form part of the climax For best SouthIndiandubbed movies subscribe to Visit our website on Twitter on


BOXER The Fighter
BOXER The Fighter
BOXER The Fighter