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Nude 2016 Full Movie Download


Release date: 2016

Language: Marathi

Category: Marathi

Genre: Drama,

Start Cast: Chhaya Kadam,Kalyanee Mulay,Madan Deodhar,

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About Movie

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People Review

Zoheb Ahmed
Zoheb Ahmed

Bold & Beautiful 2 months ago

Artistic vision, respect for arts shown, what a woman, especially a Mother can do for her child is shown, handled such a bold topic with a lot of grace and without letting it become vulgar! Superb!


Nude 8 months ago

Brilliantly handled topic with a bold outlook. performances by all main stream and supporting actors were fabulous and memorable. It's a nude (naked) truth!


Great Movie 8 months ago

these movie told us it's time to change our thinking to objects. These movie shows a mother effort for better future of her son. great movie


amazing never seen like this movie tell now 8 months ago

RJ is Asom Director I well love to work with your team best movie tell now just had a big fan ,I had never seen like this move great work nude team

swapnil Kudekar
swapnil Kudekar

Good 8 months ago

great work down by director, came with old educational thought with new version . Both the actress are act very well. this is new start for Marathi movie which actually shows the world yes we do have different thoughts where we are having strength to educate the society