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2013 Telugu Telugu

Rao Gopal Varma aka RGV is a Radio Jockey who is a womanizer and hates marriage and kids. He strongly believes that women are meant for sex but not for marriage. As an RJ, he enjoys a large female following. Reporter Ganga (Roja) is a journo who is fond of bringing scandals of celebrities into light. One fine day, a twenty year old girl called Madhu (Naveena Jackson) knocks on RGVs door and tells him that she is the Bengali girl who used to call him. She claims that RGV is her father for whom she was searching all these days. RGV does not believe her and goes for a DNA test. The result confirms their relationship as father and daughter. Rest of the story is all about efforts of RGV to throw his daughter and grandson out of his house, and how Gangas secret operation makes him accept Madhu as his daughter wholeheartedly.

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