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Alien Vs Predator

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Two Predators load several live Alien face huggers and his dead comrade onto a ship, intending to return to the Predator home world. Unable to known, the dead comrade was impregnated with an Alien before dying. The alien bursts from the corpses chest, and then quickly grows into a Predator-Alien hybrid (Tom Woodruff, Jr). The hybrid attacks the crew, killing them and forcing the ship to crash land in Gunnison, Colorado. Before one of the Predators is killed, he sends a distress call to the home world. His message is received by a Predator warrior (Ian Whyte) who immediately embarks on the journey to earth to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, the face huggers escape from the crashed ship and impregnate a father and son hunting team (Kurt Max Runte and Liam James) and, later, two homeless men living in the sewer system.