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Loknath (Sai Kumar) takes over the reins of power from a dying man (Balayya). His step son is Mitra (Sharwanand) and own son is Chinna (Sudeep Kishan). Loknath wants to see Mitra as his heir because Mitra is a thinking man where as Chinna is hot-blooded guy with bad habits. The rest of the story is all about what happens when Chinna rebels uncontrollably.

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Master Piece from Deva Katta 5 months ago

What a movie.. seen the full potential of Sai Kumar. This is once in century movie.. a completly different narration... The last song was super exciting with lyrics written by the director..

Seshu Thotakura
Seshu Thotakura

Excellent Family and Political Drama 9 years ago

One of the Best films of the recent times. Should win a lot of awards as a film and for individual performance of Saikumar. A very serious subject with intense script and powerful/meaningful dialogues. Each character has got due waitage, irrespective of ve or -ve role it plays in the plot. Screenplay is good, Editing is fairly okay. Songs could be better. Overall I rate it 4/5.